Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

The Joint Replacement Center at Lawrence Hospital

Are you tired of suffering from hip and knee pain? We can help at the new Joint Replacement Center at Lawrence Hospital. Our professional and compassionate team has designed a program that provides optimum care close to home.

At the heart of the program is our Comfort Team. These experienced caregivers will guide you every step of the way through our program. With ongoing education and the latest therapies designed to reduce your pain after surgery, our Comfort Team can help patients heal faster and more comfortably. A special diet and expert rehabilitation services mean you can return home sooner and return to a more active lifestyle.

In our program, you and your loved ones, along with the staff, actively participate in your recovery. We believe that partnering with our patients helps them achieve the positive outcome that everyone deserves. We also believe Wellness concepts can help patients recover quickly in a positive hospital experience.

Joint Replacement TeamThe members of our Comfort Team, which include our nurses, therapists, dietitians and physicians, are committed to helping you regain your mobility. And, we believe that your new joints can provide years of spontaneous, pain-free movement again.

Once you discover you need a new joint, consider the new Joint Replacement Center at Lawrence Hospital, where you can find the highest quality health care - close to home. Click here to learn more or call 914-787-2244.